Every detail of your visit has been planned and orchestrated with you in mind. Whatever your service, whatever your reason for visiting, we want your experience to be professional, rejuvenating and relaxing.
We welcome your comments, concerns and suggestions. We also thank you for supporting our dreams and being part of our future.
On behalf of the JD Michel staff, we hope you enjoy your experience with us.
-- Mandie and the entire JD Michel team

Our Vision

Our Story

A long time ago, in a house not so far away, our adventure began.

Jay Hatt had a vision that is at the heart of our story. While styling hair at The Works, Jay realized he had the drive to be and do more. He asked a respected colleague, Rosey Michel, to join his vision and together they began the path that has become our legacy. On February 28, 1989 Jay and Rosey opened JD Mathews Total Salon in the little pink house on Leroy street. With Jay’s vision and Rosey’s behind the scene management savvy, the salon became successful. Jay’s community leadership was recognized in his fundraising and fashion shows with St. John’s church. As Jay grew, so did the salon, requiring a move to accommodate and allow growth.


Many were unaware that Jay suffered from ongoing kidney failure. Because of his health issues, the need arose for Jay to step down allowing Rosey to rise to the leadership roll. Early in 2000, Rosey became the sole proprietor of the salon and changed the name to JD Michel. During her leadership, Rosey added 8 stylists, 3 nail technicians, 2 message therapists, and one esthetician to her staff. Rosey also had a strong sense of community, family, and country. She continued charity activities with St. John’s Church, The Fenton Chamber of Commerce, Christmas family adoption, and a tribute to our soldiers. After much consideration, Rosey decided it was time to retire as the salon owner but desired to continue serving clients behind her chair. So, in 2004 Rosey sold JD Michel to trusted and talented stylist, Steve West.


Steve enjoyed the artistic expression doing hair allowed him but he had a desire for growth as a businessman. Purchasing the salon allowed him to continue the JD Michel legacy and grow the business’s roots in our community. Steve and his staff continued the salon’s rich history of community involvement participating in St. John’s Applefest, Kenra’s Rapunzel project, cold caps project for chemo patients, Gerych’s ladies night and the annual Christmas family adoption. During Steve’s 14 years of leadership he also added 6 stylists, 5 nail technicians, 4 message therapists and 1 esthetician to his staff. After 22 years behind the chair, Steve decided to retire to a warmer climate. He chose a valued and trusted colleague, Mandie Verhelle, to take the reins.


On July 1, 2018 Mandie became the new owner of JD Michel Inc. Having been a member of the staff for 23 years, Mandie was excited to assume leadership of the unique, artistic, and warm-hearted staff. In her short time as owner, she has added 3 stylists, 1 nail technician, and 1 massage therapist. Her strong values for family and community have made it easy to continue the salon’s active role in community involvement. She and her staff have participated in many community fundraising activities, including support for the Fenton Chamber of Commerce, Saint John’s cemetery cleanup and AppleFest, the Flint Institute of Arts, the local women and children center, Taste of Fenton and continued sponsorship of a local family at Christmas.

Mandie aspires to personal and professional growth and strives to assist her talented staff in moving forward, supporting continuing education and technological advancement in the salon. Implementing electronic, online booking is one example of Mandie’s commitment to progress and providing the best service possible to clients. 

JD Michel, under Mandie’s leadership, will continue their robust community involvement and will strive to maintain highly skilled staff to provide the highest quality services to their clients for many years to come

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